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Are you looking for Less Pain, Improved Mobility, and Better Posture?

The Revolution is about movement. It's changed 100,000's of people’s lives.

  • After 6 weeks of our classes Andrea was off her daily back-pain meds. She had been taking them for 30 years!
  • Lisa has suffered with severe restriction in her knees and hips for decades. She finds Sharna’s exercises improve her joint-strength and mobility.
  • Jordanna said “I HATE working out with every fibre of my being!” After she experienced the revolution said, “Sharna makes it fun! Time went by fast. I felt amazing, and could not wait to join another class!”

People say it’s easier and more effective. They feel results with less work. 

It’s truely confidence boosting… you'll feel amazing!

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“For a total fitness experience, I highly recommend Sharna's fitness classes! She does it all - with innovation, education, clarity, compassion, joy and humour.”

~ Pam

I love how Sharna’s classes make me feel. My joints don’t hurt, my back feels wonderful and I know I’ve challenged myself every time I work out with her. I’m 72 and feel like 42 when I work out with her three times a week.

~ Wendi

Sharna has been my guide and mentor for over 20 years. Her Zoom classes gave me a focus to survive the pandemic. Turning 70 this year, I feel so blessed to know Sharna, she will continue to be my inspiration.

~ Sharon

The 5 Pillars of The
RightWay Revolution

The fitness world can be confusing. There are a lot of mixed messages about what’s best for our bodies.

I wish I could tell you that any program is fine, or that you just need to find the right program for your body because all bodies have completely different needs.

But I have a surprising truth to share: Sure, all bodies are different, but our fundamental movements are the same.

You may be at a different strength level than someone else, but if you lift something heavy with your back rather than your legs, your back muscles are going to be negatively affected…even if it doesn’t immediately feel like you’ve injured yourself.

The deception of youth is that younger bodies can handle things better than older bodies. But the truth is, younger bodies just recover faster. And that recovery time gets slower and slower with age and each repeated injury.

The 5 Pillars of the RightWay Revolution are about treating our bodies right. And starting right now. Whatever your age or body type, you can positively–and gently–improve your body’s resilience, strength, and ability to recover from pain and injury.

Let’s move, dance, play, live…the RightWay.


Keep It Safe and

Keep it simple.

Tips and reminders for how to feel and look better, starting with how we carry ourselves all day!

How to simply and safely adjust your posture and strengthen your core through easy tips!

Living by Example

My name is Sharna and I help the skeptical, the bored, the hesitant, the frightened, the age-defying, the age-embracing, the athletic, the not-so-athletic, the recovering, the vibrant–and everyone who thinks that fitness isn’t for them–to live the RightWay.

Over the past 40 years I’ve become an expert in the fitness industry. I’ve developed a kinder, more inclusive, and more effective way to get healthy and stay that way. Being in better shape than my peers, I wake up every day without feeling stiff and achy. The best part is… I have no pain in my joints! Learn more about me and my simple, no-nonsense approach to fitness.

Doing It The RightWay

Around the Globe

Experience our RightWay Wellness classes from anywhere in the world you have an Internet connection. 

Join Sharna for a virtual fitness course and learn how to stretch, move, eat, and live the RightWay.

We’re Changing Lives

RightWay Wellness is about getting you on track to enjoy physical and mental health for your whole life. Here are just a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you incorporate RightWay movements and principles into your routine:


Imagine a life without the strain and distraction of pain.


Extend not just the length of your life, but the quality of it.


Love every second of your day from dawn to bedtime.

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